Glacial Times: A Journey Through the World of Madness

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In "Glacial Times," Salomon Resnik brings together various facets of his work as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, working in both the private sector and in institutional settings, to provide a careful summary of a lifetime of clinical work.
Drawing on a wide range of psychoanalytic, philosophical and literary sources, and vignettes from the author's extensive clinical experience, this book brings the subject of psychosis to life and demonstrates how the study of psychoanalysis and psychosis forces us to confront fundamental ontological questions. Subjects covered include:
- Transmission and Learning
- Bodily Identification in Psychosis
- The Universe of Madness: Frozen words and thoughts
This synthesis of over fifty years of experience as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist treating psychotic patients will fascinate anyone working in these fields.


Transmission and Learning. Bodily Identification in Psychosis. The Role of the Body in Psychosis: A Group Experience. The Universe of Madness: Frozen Words and Thoughts. Glacial Times.


Salomon Resnik is a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist and author of The Theatre of Dream.


"...this is a very warm and human book. Resnik rightly points out that if we are going to unfreeze the patient, we have to develop warm human relationships with them, in which we are not afraid to use our countertransference associations. In a world threatened with domination by evidence-based medicine within the field of psychosis, this book redresses the balance. It restores the centrality of a human approach with respect to the patient. It encourages those working in the field to gain confidence, in developing their own individual style, when working with patients with chronic schizophrenia." - Richard Lucas, Int. J. Psychoanal. 2006 vol 87 part 3 "The reader is guided on a richly intuitive tour...the articulated gems of description by which [the author] conveys the psychotic experience have a powerful and often unexpected impact on the reader" - Bob Hinshelwood, Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice
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