Patient Education in Health and Illness

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November 2004



This practical text/reference provides theory-based approaches to teaching patients of all ages and their families in a variety of healthcare settings. Thorough revision includes a stronger clinical application focus and strong practice examples. The text highlights the patient education process and stresses collaboration among health care team members.This edition's "Strategies for Critical Analysis and Application" boxes provide student activities for increased interaction. "Research" boxes throughout enhance the evidence-based practice connection. Each chapter includes updated URLs and key words to use in search engines.


Principles of Contemporary Patient Education Patient Education in Nursing Practice Health Promotion: Models and Applications to Patient Education Integration of Cultural Systems and Beliefs Educational Theories for Teaching and Motivating Patients Staff Development in Patient Education: Meeting JCAHO Standards and Beyond Community Health Promotion: Assessment and Intervention Application of the Principles in Nursing Practice Assessment for Patient Education Planning: Shared Goals for Patient Education Educational Interventions for Patients and Families Patient Education Resources on the Internet Evaluating Patient Education Outcomes Case Management and Patient Education Community-Based Patient Education Programs Appendix
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