The Right Thing

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September 2010



Trust in business is at an all-time low, but more people than ever claim that working for an ethical company matters to them. Something has to change. But in a everyday working environment, ethics often seem abstract and hard to grasp. The Right Thing is here to help, as leading business consultant Sally Bibb gives you simple steps to make sure that you're working ethically. The book features: * Simple explanations of big ethical ideas * Case studies to bring ethics to life, and show how bad it can be when ethics go wrong * Tips on everything from ethical leadership to creating an ethical culture * Checklists - so you can make sure you're doing the right thing


About the author.
Chapter 1 Why Ethics Matter.
Chapter 2 Developing Ethics.
Chapter 3 Understanding Ethics.
Chapter 4 The Ethical Leader.
Chapter 5 Ethical Working Cultures.
Chapter 6 The Future of Ethics.
Appendix: Summary of Ethics in the Workplace Survey 2010.
Further reading.


'...practical advice about how best to encourage the right kind of attitude... giving some interesting figures on the subject'. (September 2010).
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