The Theatre of Sabina Berman: The Agony of Ecstasy and Other Plays

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Dezember 2002



The first English translation of plays by Mexico's most successful female contemporary playwright, this volume contains the four plays that established Berman's career: The Agony of Ecstasy, Yankee, Puzzle, and Heresy.


Sabina Berman is Mexico's most commercially successful and critically acclaimed female playwright. She has won the Mexican National Theatre Prize an unprecedented four times and has written film scripts, poetry, prose, and journalism in addition to her work for the stage. Her collection of interviews with Mexican women in positions of power, Mujeres y poder, won the 2000 National Journalism Award. Adam Versenyi is an associate professor of dramaturgy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the dramaturg for PlayMakers Repertory Company. He is the author of Theatre in Latin America: Religion, Politics, and Culture from Cortes to the 1980s.


"During the past twenty years, Berman has become the most prolific, original, and daring of her theatrical generation.... Her productions [reveal] a fine flair for dialogue, a predilection for black humor and irony, distrust of all official discourse, an interest in personal and national identity, a need to transgress sexual and theatrical boundaries, and a profound awareness of the inherently theatrical nature of Mexican history and politics." - Jacqueline E. Bixler, from her essay, "From Ecstasy to Heresy: The Theatre of Sabina Berman
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