Cultural Politics at the Fin de Siecle

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Mai 2003



This book considers the ways in which current conflicts of 'race', class, and gender have their roots in the 1890s.


Introduction Sally Ledger and Scott McCracken; 1. The flight to the real Terry Eagleton; 2. The New Woman and the crisis of Victorianism Sally Ledger; 3. Empire, 'race' and feminism in the fin de siecle: the work of George Egerton and Olive Schreiner Laura Chrisman; 4. W. B. Yeats and Irish cultural politics in the 1890s Stephen Regan; 5. The double lives of man: narration and identification in late nineteenth-century representations of eccentric masculinities Ed Cohen; 6. Henry James and the spectacle of loss: psychoanalytical metaphysics Marcia Ian; 7. 'A very curious construction': masculinity and the poetry of A. E. Housman and Oscar Wilde Ruth Robbins; 8. The Pilgrims of Hope: William Morris and the dialectic of romanticism Anne Janowitz; 9. Urban utopias: socialism, religion and the city, 1880-1900 Lynne Hapgood; 10. Vampires and the empire: fears and fictions of the 1890s Alexandra Warwick; 11. Utopia, Limited: nationalism, empire and parody in the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan Carolyn Williams; 12. Technologies of monstrosity: Bram Stoker's Dracula Judith Halberstam; 13. Postmodernism, a chance to re-read? Scott McCracken; 14. Is market society the fin of history? Regina Gagnier.
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