Practice What You Preach: Virtues, Ethics, and Power in the Lives of Pastoral Ministers and Their Congregations

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Calling for accountability, Practice What You Preach discusses ethical questions that arise in congregations and pastoral leadership. Formation of pastors, empowering leaders, resolving power struggles between clergy and laity these and other critical pastoral issues are addressed by an ecumenical group of contributors. Divided into four parts: the way the churches train their pastors; the way their pastors live; the way communities worship; and the way communities behave, this collection identifies and offers positive solutions to areas where churches are often slow to change. Each essay begins with a case describing a typical problem from wages to in-fighting and then discusses what virtues or character traits might be developed to resolve the problem effectively.


James F. Keenan, S.J., has an S.T.D. from the Gregorian University and currently teaches at Weston Jesuit, where he is professor of moral theology and director of the doctoral program. Rev. Joseph J. Kotva Jr., is pastor of First Mennonite Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania, which regularly holds regional ecumenical discussions. He holds a doctorate in Theology and Ethics from Fordham University, has published several articles, and is the author of The Christian Case for Virtue Ethics.


This is to be welcomed as an ecumenical, pragmatic text truly putting flesh on the virtue ethics movement. New Theology Review
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