Like Cattle and Horses: Nationalism and Labor in Shanghai, 1895-1927

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April 2002



Exploration of the development of national and class identities among Shanghai workers, claiming that nationalism had a greater hold on working-class identity between 1895 and 1927 than class consciousness.


Contents: Traditional social networks and identities Nationalist and labor protest at the end of the Qing dynasty The 1911 revolution in Shanghai Nationalist and labor protest, 1913-19 The May Fourth Movement of 1919 The discourse of class The Communists attempt to organize labor. 1920-23 Workers and the nation: Left versus Right, 1923-25 The May Thirtieth Movement, 1925 National and class identities, 1925-27 The surge in labor organization, 1927 Climax of the National Revolution, March-April 1927


Steve Smith is Professor of History at the University of Essex, England. He is the author of "A Road Is Made: Communism in Shanghai, 1920-1922; Red Petrograd: Revolution in the Factories, 1917-18; "and""coeditor of "Notes of a Red Guard."


"Specialists will delight in the stories that Smith tells and will be impressed by the formidable range of theories that he draws on and develops. This superbly perceptive and original book contains many gems of scholarship. Few other historians of China could match this range of expertise." - Gregor Benton, University of Wales, College at Cardiff "Like Cattle and Horses stands out as an important and original contribution to debates within Chinese studies about labour and nationalism and a significant addition to the comparative literature on class identities and their political implications." - Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Indiana University
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