Make a Pact for Success: Designing Effective Information Presentations

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Small and Arnone have developed an extraordinarily successful model for professionals and academics_the PACT model (Purpose, Audience, Content, and Technique), which makes it easy to focus on the research, selection, organization, and delivery of information. Whether the assignment is public speaking, technical writing, or web designing, the PACT model can be used to integrate the common principles of information science and communication theory. This book introduces the reader to three crucial models for the successful design, development, delivery, and evaluation of information presentations.


Dr. Ruth V. Small is Associate Professor and Director of the School Media Program in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. She has authored over 70 publications, including three books with Marilyn P. Arnone. Dr. Marilyn P. Arnone is President, Research and Development, and co-founder of Creative Media Solutions, Inc. with offices in Syracuse, NY and Philadelphia, PA. She has published in leading journals in her field, presented at conferences nationwide, and teaches courses and seminars as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University.

Pressestimmen invaluable text for those just beginning to acquire public presentation skills or a fine-tuning device for seasoned presenters. Teacher Librarian
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