Double Standards in Medical Research in Developing Countries

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November 2010



This book examines the ethical controversies that have surrounded the design and conduct of international medical research sponsored by industrialized countries or industry, and carried out in developing countries. Is it acceptable to lower the ethical standards adopted in the industrialized world when carrying out research in developing, or resource-poor, countries? Ruth Macklin concludes that double standards in medical research are ethically unacceptable.


1. International research contested: controversies and debates; 2. Maintaining ethical standards in research; 3. Striving for justice in research; 4. Avoiding exploitation; 5. providing safeguards: informed consent and review of research; 6. Making drugs affordable; 7. Respecting, protecting, and fulfilling human rights; 8. Striving for a single standard; Index.


Professor of Bioethics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York.


'... a very readable overview and analysis of the main issues in one of the most acrimonious international debates the field of ethics has seen in recent times ... As an easily digested overview this book could well become the standard textbook for researchers and students in postgraduate courses in biomedical ethics.' British Medical Journal 'It is written in an interesting and informative way and is one of the few substantial books on the topic.' Peter Smith, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 'The strength of the book lies in its breadth of coverage ... Macklin's experience on international committees and study teams adds to the depth of her considerations. Her details account of the latest revisions of the Declaration of Helsinki and the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences' international ethical guidelines - and particularly, of disagreements over the interpretation of apparently straightforward statements - is illuminating ... Macklin's aim ... is not to offer solutions but to provide a solid theoretical base from which to analyze and critique the current state of affairs. In this she has made an important and timely contribution to the thinking of medical and pharmaceutical professionals, policymakers, and ethicists.' Journal of the American Medical Association 'Double Standards in Medical Research in Developing Countries is a thought provoking summation of the most troubling bioethical issues in clinical research trials, a worthy addition to the Law, Medicine and Ethics series of the Cambridge University Press.' Canadian Medical Association Journal
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