Reinvent the Wheel: Make Classic Inventions, Discover Your Problem-Solving Genius, and Take the Inventor's Challenge

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September 2001



LEARN HOW To MAKE GREAT INVENTIONS! Discover the history and the science behind classic inventions and experience your own " Eureka!" moments of inspiration with the projects in this unique book. Through the ages, resourceful humans have found ingenious ways to meet the need of the moment with inventions ranging from catapults to colorful dyes to batteries. With this fantastic collection of fun, hands-on projects, you will uncover the answers to intriguing questions like: Who created ink? Why did Archimedes invent the water screw? And how did cave artists come up with paint? Plus, you will learn how and why these inventors were inspired, and how to come up with your own inventions. With easy-to-follow instructions on how to make some common things we often take for granted, from paper to compasses, Reinvent the Wheel is packed withexciting projects and challenges.There are still many problems to be solved and gadgets to be invented.Maybe you’ ll be the next great inventor to change the way we live.


Introduction. PART I: INVENTIONS BASED ON SIMPLE MACHINES. Potter's Wheel. Vehicle Wheel. Shadoof. Catapult. Counterweight Trebuchet. Archimedes Screw. Block and Tackle. Mechanical Fan. PART II: INVENTIONS INVOLVING CHEMICAL CHANGES. Tempera Paint. Vegetable Dye. Iron-Gall Ink. Writing Paper. PART III: INVENTIONS FOR PREDICTING THE WEATHER. Thermometer. Barometer. Cup Anemometer. PART IV: INVENTIONS TO LIVE IN. Igloo. Tilted Tipi. Geodesic Dome. PART V: INVENTIONS THAT USE MAGNETISM AND ELECTRICITY. Marine Compass. Leyden Jar. Battery. Electric Generator. Electric Motor. Telegraph. Glossary. Index.


RUTH KASSINGER is a writer, teacher, and consultant. She currently teaches a "Hands on Science" program in the Maryland public schools and writes many articles on science and technology for such publications as the Washington Post, Smithsonian, and Science Weekly.
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