OpenVMS Alpha Internals and Data Structures: Memory Management

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OpenVMS Alpha Internals and Data Structures: Memory Management is an updateto selected parts of the book OpenVMS AXP Internals and Data Structures Version 1.5 (Digital Press, 1994). This book covers the extensions to the memory management subsystem of OpenVMS Alpha to allow the operating system and applications to access 64 bits of address space. It emphasizes system data structures and their manipulation by paging and swapping routines and related system services. It also describes management of dynamic memory, such as nonpaged pool, and support for nonuniform memory access (NUMA) platforms. This book is intended for systems programmers, technical consultants, application designers, and other computer progressions interested in learning the details of the OpenVMS executive. Teachers and students of graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in operating systems will find this book a valuable study in how theory and practice are resolved in a complex commercialoperating system. THE definitive reference describing how the OpenVMS kernel worksWritten by a top authority on OpenVMS systemsCovers the latest version of OpenVMS


Memory Management Overview; Memory Management Data Structures; Memory Management System Services; Paging Dynamics; Working Set List Dynamics; The Swapper; Pool Management


Ruth Goldenberg is a senior member of the technical staff of Hewlett-Packard Company. She is an eminent authority on OpenVMS and the author of numerous publications about it.


"Aside from the source code itself, this book is THE definitive reference describing how the OpenVMS kernel works, particularly its virtual memory subsystem. Its wealth of detail is indispensable to developer and consumer alike. Anyone who is serious about understanding the inner workings of an actual general purpose operating system would do well to have this book handy."--Michael Harvey, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Corporation
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