The Art and Practice of Home Visiting: Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs and Their Families

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September 2008



Addresses the complex issues that home visitors face in their daily work with families who have diverse backgrounds and needs. This book offers an approach to home visiting that's culturally sensitive, family centered and designed to help each unique family reach their specific goals.


Brief History and Philosophical Approach to Art of Home Visiting; Building Home Visitor-Family Relationships; Understanding Families as Systems; Structuring Home Visitations; Facilitating Adult-Child Interaction; Guidelines for Intervention for Children with Various Disorders; a. Vision Impairment; b. Speech and Language Disorder; c. Autism; d. General Developmental Delay; e. Medically Fragile; f. Multiple Disabilities; Working with Families; Developing Collaborative Relationships with Related Professionals; Special Issues and Concerns; When You Need an Interpreter; Resources; Record-Keeping Forms; Sources for Materials to Facilitate; Learning.


Ruth E. Cook is Professor and Interim Chair of Education, and Director, Special Education Programs, Santa Clara University. Shirley N. Sparks is Adjunct Professor, Santa Clara University.
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