Mrs. Russell Sage: Women's Activism and Philanthropy in Gilded Age and Progressive Era America

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I. A Liminal Place1. Slocums, Jermains, Piersons-and a Sage;
2. "Distinctly a Class Privilege": Troy Female Seminary1846-1847;
3. "I Do Enjoy My Independence": 1847-1858;
4. A Bankruptcy, Three Funerals, and a Wedding, 1858-1869II. Becoming Mrs. Russell Sage, 1869-19065. The Work of Benevolence: Mrs. Russell Sage, the Carlisle School, and Indian Reform;
6. "I Live for That Work": Negotiating Identities at the New York Women's Hospital;
7. "Some Aggressive Work": The Emma Willard Association and Educated Womanhood, 1891-1898;
8. Converted! Parlor Suffrage and After9. "Wiping Her Tears with the Flag": Mrs. Russell Sage, PatriotIII. "Just Beginning to Live", 1906-191810. "A Kind of Old Age Freedom";
11. Inventing the Russell Sage Foundation, 1907;
12. "Women and Education: There's the Key";
13. "Nothing More for Men's Colleges": The Origins of Russell Sage College;
14. "Splendid Donation";
15. "Send What Miss Todd Thinks Best"


Ruth Crocker is Professor of History and Director of the Women's Studies Program at Auburn University and author of Social Work and Social Order: The Settlement Movement in Two Industrial Cities, 1889 1930. She lives in Auburn, Alabama."


"Through diligent research, primarily in the archives of the Russell Sage Foundation and the Emma Willard School, Crocker has recovered the life of this remarkable woman who moved from genteel poverty to great wealth, all the while maintaining a sense of responsible benevolence... This book breaks new ground..." Choice "Historians, scholars of philanthropy, and biographers will all profit from Mrs. Russell Sage. Indeed, this book reminds us that the life of an individual has the power to singularly elucidate the past." Journal of American History
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