Abortion & Dialogue

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September 1992



Argues that when the state intervenes in decisions regarding pregnancies, it falsely views the woman and the fetus as having conflicting needs. This book argues that theology can contribute to our understanding if we apply the concepts of love, compassion, and wisdom to problems identified by feminist theory and to actual concrete situations.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION: ABORTION ADN DIALOGUE PART ONE FEMINISM AND THEOLOGY CHAPTER ONE Aspirations: An Authentic Self Embedded in Love, Compassion, and Wisdom CHAPTER TWO The Critique: The Problems of Consciousness and Sexual Objectification PART TWO WOMENSO VOICE CHAPTER THREE Testimonials CHAPTER FOUR Empirical Data PART THREE CHAPTER FIVE An Equality Perspective: Anti-Subordination Above ALl CHAPTER SIX Roe v. Wade CHAPTER SEVEN Webster v. Reproductive Health Services: WhereOs the Feminist Argument? CHAPTER EIGHT MATERNITY CASES AFTERWORD TOWARD CHOICE AND LIFE APPENDIX TABLE OF CASES INDEX


RUTH COLKER, Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh, is the author of Abortion and Dialogue: Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, and American Law. She has written on feminist theory and abortion in such journals as the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review, Yale Journal on Law and Feminism, Harvard Women s Law Journal, and Columbia Journal on Gender and Law. In addition to her scholarship, she has served as a legal advocate on behalf of women working with the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund as well as the ACLU."


" ... Colker thoughtfully argues that the right to abortion would be better premised on guarantees of equal protection than on the right to privacy.O NPublishers Weekly "This is feminist scholarship at its best: interdisciplinary, passionate, personal, and political ... Both controversial and inspiring, this volume is highly recommended ... O NChoice "This book could provide the basis for real dialogueNif thatOs what sincere religious spokespeople really want.O NNew Directions for Women " ... this book ranks among the best efforts to date to reconcile the seemingly absolute dichotomies in the abortion controversy ... O NCritical Review of Books in Religion
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