Broadening the Dementia Debate: Towards Social Citizenship

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Juni 2010



Dementia has been widely debated from the perspectives of biomedicine and social psychology. This book broadens the debate to consider the experiences of men and women with dementia from a socio-political perspective. It brings to the fore the concept of social citizenship, exploring what it means within the context of dementia and using it to re-examine the issue of rights, status(es), and participation. The book fills a gap in the global market for an up-to-date, coherent, and authoritative account on the present day situation of people with dementia. It offers fresh and practical insights into how a citizenship framework can be applied in practice, and it analyzes biographical accounts of living with dementia from a life course perspective.


Part one: Citizenship in theory: Introduction; Setting the context for broadening the debate; The meaning and value of social citizenship; Part two: Social citizenship in action: Thinking and talking differently; Implications for health and social care practices; Extending research practices; Part three: Conclusion.


Ruth Bartlett is a Senior Lecturer in Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford. She is course leader for the BSc in Dementia Studies and teaches on the MSc in Dementia Studies. Deborah O'Connor is Director of the Center for Research on Personhood in Dementia (CRPD) and Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia. She has practiced in the field of dementia as a social worker, educator and researcher for nearly thirty years.


"This book offers a fresh perspective on dementia, one that is not afraid to address the challenges, but which asserts not only the continuing personhood and humanity, but also the agency and citizenship of those who live with dementia." Marian Barnes, Professor of Social Policy, University of Brighton "This book is a must read for everyone working in dementia care. Bringing together concepts of citizenship, status, difference, embodiment and personhood, the authors provide a much needed alternative and hopeful lens for examining and understanding dementia. Most importantly, it provides a solid foundation for doing practice and research consistent with a critical, social citizenship approach." Sherry L. Dupuis, Ph.D., Director, Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, University of Waterloo "This interesting and well written book is an excellent addition to the growing body of work published by Policy Press in their 'Ageing and the Lifecourse' series." Mo Ray in British Journal of Social Work
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