Science and Renewal of Belief

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Oktober 2004



Originally published to high acclaim in Great Britain and now updated and available for the first time in a U.S. edition, Science and the Renewal of Belief sheds light on ways in which science and religion influence each other and can help each other. "Science and logic cannot establish belief," writes author Russell Stannard, "but belief can be confirmed and renewed within the changed perspective of modern science."


Russell Stannard, emeritus professor of physics at the Open University, the United Kingdom's largest university, has made numerous contributions to the science and religion dialogue. He has written numerous best-selling books, and he is a well-known television and radio broadcaster in Great Britain. His books, God for the 21st Century, www.Here-I-Am, and Curious History of God are also published by Templeton Foundation Press. He lives outside of London, England, with his wife.


"[F]or anyone interested in questions of value, ethics, and social responsibility in science, here is a bold book by a scientist who has equipped himself theologically and philosophically. He does not duck the obvious and difficult questions. ... [H]ere are all the issues in twenty-two short and attractively written chapters... I read with fascination."
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