Composing Digital Music For Dummies

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Pump up your tunes with beats, lyrics, and harmonies
This book and a computer -- all you need to start composing your own digital music
Want to write your own digital music? This friendly guide explains the basics of composing great tunes with the hottest digital tools. You'll see how to work with the latest hardware and software, build your first tune and saveit in different formats, and add instruments to your score. With the included templates, you'll be making music in no time!
Discover how to:
* Write and arrange digital music
* Determine what -- if any -- equipment you need
* Compose your ownringtones and MP3s
* Compose with the MIDI controller
* Publish your creations on the Internet


Part l: So You Want to Compose Digital Music.
Chapter 1: Introducing Digital Music.
Chapter 2: The Digital Music Revolution.
Chapter 3: Music Notation Basics.
Part II: Gearing Up.
Chapter 4: Digital Composing Hardware.
Chapter 5: Getting Cool Gear.
Chapter 6: The World of Music Software.
Part III: The Basics: Building Your First Tune.
Chapter 7: Instant Music: Using the Templates.
Chapter 8: To Live and Burn in L.A.: Output 101.
Chapter 9: Sharing the Love: Internet Publishing.
Part IV: Getting Fancy: Building Your Tune from Scratch.
Chapter 10: What's the Score? Creating Your Score Paper.
Chapter 11: No-Frills Notes: Basic Note Entry.
Chapter 12: Composing with Your Instrument.
Chapter 13: Keep the Beat: Adding the Drum Part.
Part V: Beyond the Basics: Advanced Composing Tips and Tricks.
Chapter 14: Spice Is Nice: Marking Up Your Score.
Chapter 15: You're a Real Composer Now.
Chapter 16: Fine-Tuning the Mix: Playback Options.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 17: Ten Digital Music Terms You Should Know.
Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) Composers You Should Know.
Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) Sibelius Tips and Tricks.
Part VII: Appendixes.
Appendix A: Common Instrument Ranges.
Appendix B: About the CD.


Russell Dean Vines has over 30 years of professional music experience. Hehas composed and arranged hundreds of jazz and contemporary music pieces heard on TV, radio, and the stage.
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