Greek Tragic Theatre

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September 1994



Emphasizing the political nature of Greek tragedy, as theatre of, by and for the "polis," Rush Rehm Characterizes Athens as a "performance culture," one in which the theatre stood alongside other public forums as a place to confront matters of import and moment. In treating the various social, religious and practical aspects of tragic production, he shows how these elements promoted a vision of the theatre as integral to the life of the city--a theatre whose focus was on the audience.


Preface Acknowledgements A note on translations and editions Part I: The social and theatrical background 1. The Performance Culture of Athens 2. The Festival Context 3. Production as Participation 4. The Theatre of Dionysus 5. Conventions of Production Part II: Exemplary plays 6. Aeschylus' Oresteia Trilogy 7. Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus 8. Euripides' Suppliant Women 9. Euripides' Ion Notes Select bibliography Index


A first class introduction to Greek tragedy . . . this book makes excellent reading for anyone interested in Greek tragedy: essential for all those new to the subject, but immensely valuable to everyone for its vivid and continual reminders of the realities of production.
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