Thinking and Learning with Ict: Raising Achievement in Primary Classrooms

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Juni 2004



This book shows teachers how to make the best use of the computers in their primary classrooms. It outlines and illustrates a coherent framework for enhancing the effectiveness of computers for teaching and learning with an emphasis on raising pupil achievement in the core subject areas, developing collaborative learning in small groups, and using group discussion as a way of improving general communication, as well as thinking and reasoning skills. Guidance on developing and choosing software is also included, as well as information on using email and the internet to provide learning opportunities.The book is linked to further materials including a website that can support and consolidate thinking together with information and communications technologies.


Part 1: Talking and Thinking Together with Computers 1. Using Computers in Classrooms 2. Teachers Talking 3. Thinking Together 4. Thinking Skills and ICT Part 2: Talking and Thinking with ICT and the Curriculum 5. ICT and Citizenship: Joining the Dialogue 6. Science, Talk and ICT 7. Maths, Talk and ICT 8. Literacy, Talk and ICT 9. Learning Through Dialogue in the ICT Curriculum 10. Conclusion: Raising Achievement
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