The Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

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Praise for the first edition:
..". in the greattradition of Orwell and Solzhenitsyn; its true subject is the survival -- andsometimes the defeat -- of the human spirit in its lonely quest for integrity."-- Time
"The almost childlike directness of Chen's tales... iscaptured in the very lightly revised translations of this new edition... Highlyrecommended." -- Choice
A classic of modern world literature, thiscollection of stories provides a vivid and poignant eyewitness view of everyday lifein China during the Cultural Revolution. For this edition, Howard Goldblatt hasthoroughly revised the text and updated it to Pinyin romanization. In a newintroduction, Perry Link reflects on the book's significance in the post-Tiananmenera. Twenty-five years after its first publication, The Execution of Mayor Yin haslost none of its power to move the reader, and remains unmatched as a document ofthe period.


The Execution of Mayor Yin; "Chairman Mao Is a Rotten Egg"; Night Duty; Residency Check; Jen Hsiu-lan; The Big Fish; Keng Erh in Peking; Nixon's Press Corps


Chen Ruoxi [Chen Jo-hsi] was born in Taiwan in 1938. She and her husband emigrated to mainland China in 1966 and lived there for the next seven years, and her experiences during that time are a source for the stories collected here. She lives in Taiwan.Howard Goldblatt is Research Professor of East Asian Languages at the University of Notre Dame.Perry Link is Professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University.


..".in the great tradition of Orwell and Solzhenitsyn; its true subject is the survival--and sometimes the defeat--of the human spirit in its lonely quest for integrity."
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