The Divine Library

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Juni 1992



This directory to the primary religious literature of past and present cultures includes references to available editions, translations, and commentaries. 


Born in Germany, Rufus C. Camphausen is a writer and illustrator now living in the Netherlands. He is the author of "Return of the Tribal," "The Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom" and "The Yoni" as well as numerous articles and essays on religious history, mythology, and sacred sexuality.


"This is a concise directory to a wide variety of religious texts. More than 120 entries delineate important works of religious literature of yesterday and today. Bibliographical references to available editions, translations, and commentaries along with a glossary and indexes make this a comprehensive, accessible guidebook. Unfortunately, pronunciation is not given for names and terms, which may be a disadvantage for the lay reader. This should be a useful addition to the religious/philosophy collections of most libraries." --Library Journal (Sunday, March 01, 1992) Ravonne A. Green, Emmanuel Coll. Lib., Franklin Springs, Ga.
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