The Holligan

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September 2010



50th anniversary edition of this masterful psychological exploration of the making of a Nazi.


Rudolph Nassauer was born in Frankfurt-am-Main in 1924. In 1939, he came to England with his family and was educated at St Paul's School. In 1947, Methuen published a volume of his poetry. The Hooligan was followed by the novels: The Cuckoo (1961); The Examination (1973); The Unveiling (1975); Agents of Love (1976); Reparations (1981); and Kramer's Goats (1986). He deid in 1996


Only in Rudolph Nassauer's neglected novel, The Hooligan is there anything that cuts as deep.George Steiner, writing about Gunter Grass' The Tin Drum Iris Murdoch wrote: A most distinguished and important book - a penetrating study of the nature of violence and cruelty, it concerns the basis of a sane society as well as the phenomenon of a mad one. I think it is a book of great power and beauty but also of importance for our imaginative understanding of the world we are living in.Elias Canetti wrote: The first presentation of a Nazi which belongs to literature. Every stage of the book is a profound as it is exciting. The boldness of Mr Nassauer's feat is astonishing. It can never be repeated or imitated. The events of our century are brought back into the world of Dostoevsky.
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