Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters: Projects for the Electronics Experimenter

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August 2001



Rudolf Graf and William Sheets have written a book containing twenty low-power (LP) transmitter projects, perfect for the electronics hobbyist and radio experimenter. Now that the FCC has changed its regulations about "pirate" transmissions, more and more people are setting up radio and video stations for broadcast from their homes. Build Your Own Low-Power Transmitters addresses applications for hobbyist broadcasting of AM, SSB, TV, FM Stereo and NBFM VHF-UHF signals with equipment the reader can build himself for thousands of dollars less than similar equipment sold on the retail market. The authors also fully explore the legal limits and ramifications of using the equipment as well as how to get the best performance for optimum range. The key advantage is referencing a low-cost source for all needed parts, including the printed circuit board, as well as the kit. Projects in the book include: LP FM stereo transmitter; digitally synthesized PLL FM stereo transmitter; LP AM transmitter for 150-1710 KHz; radio control transmitter/receiver; carrier current transmitter and AM and FM receivers; LP VHF one-way and two-way audio links; 1-watt 40-meter CW transmitter for ham radio use; SSB LP transmitter for 10-meter ham radio use; 2-meter VHF FM ham radio transmitter; FM video link for 900 MHz NTSC/PAL operation; 2-watt TV transmitters for 440, 900 and 1300 MHz amateur TV NTSC/PAL transmissions; linear amplifier for 440MHz, 10-15watt NTSC/PAL operation; Downconverters for 440, 900 and 1300 MHz with VHF channel 3 or 4 output; TV video receiving systems and AM-FM IF systems; LP video link for UHF channels 14-18; 1-watt CW beacon transmitter for Part 15 LF radio experimentation; CW identifierfor transmitters; test equipment projects for LP transmitters; as well as an RF power meter and modulation monitor. Complete source information will be included to help each reader find the kits and parts they need to build these fascinating projects. Unique among


Ch1 Low Power Transmitters for Experimenters; Ch2 LP Transmitter Basics; Ch3 Simple Low Power Transmitters for Experimenters; Ch4 A Simple VFO Controlled 50 mW AM Transmitter; Ch 5 The AM88 Low Power AM Transmitter; Ch 6 A Low-Powered VFO-Controlled FM Monaural Transmitter for 88-108 MHz; Ch 7 Basic FM Stereo Signal Generation; Ch 8 Frequency Synthesized Stereo FM Transmitter; Ch 9 Microprocessor Controlled FM Stereo Transmitter 88-108 MHz; Ch 10 A Milliwatt Video Transmitter; Ch 11 0.5 Watt Video Transmitter for R/C Vehicles; Ch 12 A 2-Watt 12V TV Transmitter for Amateur Operation; Ch 13 1 Watt TV Transmitters; Ch 14 A 915 MHz Experimental Low-Power FM TV Transmitter; Chapter 15 Receiving Converters and IF Systems for LP Television Transmitters; Ch 16 Simple VHF NBFM Speech Transmitters for the VHF Band; Ch 17 A Serial Data Encoder and Decoder for R/C Applications; An RF Field Strength Meter for LP Transmitter Use; Ch 19 A Simple Low Power CW Transmitter for 40 Meters; Ch 20 Single Sideband (SSB) Basics; Ch 21 A Basic SSB Generator/Exciter Unit; Ch 22 A 1 Watt Transmitter for the 1750 Meter Band; Ch 23 A Simple CW Identifier Circuit; Ch 24 Antennas for Low Power Transmitters
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