From Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film

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April 2005



An exploration of the history of science fiction film and literature, from one of the top experts on the genre.


Roz Kaveney is editor of and chief contributor to 'Reading the Vampire Slayer' (I.B.Tauris) now available in its new, up-dated edition. She is a freelance writer and editor, who also contributed to 'The Encyclopaedia of Fantasy' and 'The Cambridge Guide to Women Writing in English'.


'... an incredibly necessary text - arming the geeks with tools to read films for the DVD generation - and possibly regeneration. Clear, simple text, in which an understanding of slash fiction is as important to the text as an encyclopedic knowledge of a hundred years of written SF, and what movies mean.' - Neil Gaiman, novelist and writer of The Sandman; 'Works of serious pop-culch critique too often founder on either the Scylla of critical theory pomposity or the Charybdis of triviality. From Alien to The Matrix triumphantly avoids both. It's an exemplary book of its kind. For any other authors considering tackling this subject, it is the book to beat.' - Charles Shaar Murray, journalist and writer; 'This is a real treat for those who, along with the author, think that science-fiction films can be works of art.' - The Guardian
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