Painting the Past: The Victorian Painter and British History

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März 2004



Magnificent Elizabeth, innocent Princes in the Tower, Mary Queen of Scots on the scaffold, and beautiful, tragic Lady Jane Grey--that is how we think of them. The spell they cast is one of reality amplified by the history of Victorian painting; yet many of these paintings have been ignored or despised by modern art historians and critics. In this pioneering study, Roy Strong shows how and why these works came into being. He separates the fanciful recreations from the accurate reconstructions of the past, pinpoints their sources and identifies such literary parallels as the medieval romances of Walter Scott, and charts the origins and course of the popular taste for history. Sir Roy Strong is the former Director of England's National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum; among his widely hailed works is "The Story of Britain."


Sir Roy Strong was educated at the University of London, and the Warburg Institute. He joined the staff of the National Portrait Gallery in 1959 and became its Director from 1967-1973. He was Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum from 1974 to 1987 when he resigned to become a full-time writer, broadcaster and consultant. His books include The Story of Britain, The Spirit of Britain, and most recently, Feast: A History of Grand Eating.

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