The Fifth Script: The Lacey Lockington Series - Book One

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Detective Lacey Lockington always gets the job done, but making the omelets of solved cases usually involves breaking a lot of eggs. So when Lacey gets suspended after tabloid columnist Stella Starbright names him as a "kill-crazy cop," he has to find new work as a private investigator. It's a step down, for sure, and one of his first cases is an unlikely one: former "Stella Starbrights" are turning up dead on the streets of Chicago, and the current one, the reputation ruiner herself, turns to an unlikely source for protection.

Going against his gut, Lacey agrees to keep tabs on Stella to keep her from sharing the grisly fate of her former namesakes. In the midst of all the madness, Lacey hunts the real killer, someone looking to silence gossip columnists for good. But can Lacey crack the case before another victim makes a different section of the newspapers?

Sex...violence...booze! This deadly mix will keep you on the edge of your seat in Ross Spencer's jaded-but- jaunty tale about a hardened cop with nothing but his reputation to lose.
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