Reinventing the Left

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Oktober 1994



This volume is the product of a remarkable group of authors - academics, journalists and politicians. The authors offer a radical reappraisal of the future of Left political theory and policy in the context of the fundamental changes that society has undergone over the last two or more decades. Many new ideas and concepts are set out.


List of Contributors. Introduction: David Miliband. Part I: The Context: Understanding the Present: . 1. Brave New World: The New Context for Politics: Anthony Giddens. Comment: Power, Politics and the Enlightenment: Perry Anderson. Part II: Citizenship, Equality and Democracy: . 2. Inequalities of Power, Problems of Democracy: David Held. Comment: Deciding About Rights: Anna Coote. 3. Equality, Difference and Democracy: Elizabeth Meehan. Comment: Citizenship and Political Change: Raymond Plant. 4. Ethnic Difference and Racial Equality: New Challenges for the Left: Tariq Modood. Comment: Minority Rights, Majority Values: Bhikhu Parekh. Part III: Social Solidarity and Economic Prosperity: . 5. The Politics of Potential: A New Agenda for Labour: Gordon Brown. Comment : Whose Community? Which Individuals?: Anne Phillips. 6. Productive Solidarities: Economic Strategy and Left Politics: Joel Rogers and Wolfgang Streeck. Comment: Don't Forget the Demand Side: Robert Kuttner. 7. Social Solidarity in a Mixed Economy: Michel Rocard. Comment: The Social Market in a Global Context: Will Hutton. Part IV: Politics Beyond Labour: . 8. Equality and Work in the Post-industrial Life-cycle: Gosta Esping-Andersen. Comment: Economic Imperatives and Social Reform: Frances Fox-Piven. 9. Sustaining Social Democracy: The Politics of the Environment: Stephen Tindale. Comment: Sustainability and Environmental Policy: Five Fundamental Questions: Susan Owens. Part V: Instruments of Change:. 10. Reinventing Federalism: Europe and the Left: David Marquand. Comment: European Constitutional Patriotism: Jos de Beus. 11. Reinventing Politics: Manuel Escudero. Comment: Turning Outwards - Towards a New Sort of Party: Margaret Hodge. Part VI: Afterword: . 12. Do's and Don'ts for Social Democrats: James Cornford and Patricia Hewitt. Index.


David Miliband is Head of Policy in the Office of the Leader of the Oposition. He is co-editor of Paying for Inequality: The Economic Costs of Social Injustice (1994).


'Brimming with new ideas on citizenship, civil society, community, direct democracy, empowerment, reform of the welfare state, and the need for more supranational and regional government.' The Economist 'The collection of essays ... gives a penetrating analysis of the future of the left-of-centre politics ... The essays give modern relevance to old values.' The Hindu 'These essays represent a very important attempt to engage in a new discussion about the future and meaning of the left.' Renewal 'This book's contributors have rediscovered the left from some of its earlier roots and redefined it in today's terms. Moreover, with a spirit of optimism, they have discussed many of the more important aims and principles from which the policies of the next British government may be forged.' Political Studies 'A penetrating analysis of the future of the left-of-centre politics and its viability at a time when communism is dead and gone, social democracy appears to fragile to transform history, and the Enlightenment confidence about the future being full of universal peace has collapsed. Superseding the traditional definitions of the Left, the essays give modern relevance to old values.' The Literary Review
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