Hudl for Dummies

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April 2014



The essential beginner's guide to the UK's most popular new tablet
Hudl For Dummies is the indispensible guide to Tesco's highly successful Android tablet. With hands-on instruction tailored to the entry-level user, this book provides expert guidance in clear, concise language to help you get the most out of this great new device. Seasoned technology author Rosie Hattersley walks you through each step, from opening the box to setting up e-mail, accessing Blinkbox, shopping online and more. Even if you're a newcomer to tablet technology, this book will have you up and running in a flash!
By utilizing groundbreaking technology, it's no wonder analysts expect the Hudl to become the UK's leading tablet. While the device itself is intuitive, the Hudl's infinite possibilities can be a bit of a mystery to new users. Hudl For Dummies is the definitive guide to the device, helping you access the full capabilities of your new tablet.
* Gain a complete understanding of how to get up and running with the Tesco Hudl
* Download and launch apps with your new tablet to make it a workhorse or an entertainment system
* Discover how to access the Internet, e-mail, films, music and books
* Shop online with your new device and find out how to buy Hudl accessories
An entire chapter on troubleshooting allows you to bypass the repair shop for minor issues, and gives you the confidence to adjust settings and preferences without the worry of messing something up. Whether you're transitioning to the Hudl from another tablet, or are new to tablets entirely, Hudl For Dummies will take you from a new user to full-fledged Hudl devotee.


Introduction 1
Chapter 1: Finding Your Way Around the Hudl 5
Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Hudl 17
Chapter 3: Exploring the Hudl 31
Chapter 4: Connecting the Hudl 53
Chapter 5: Staying in Touch 71
Chapter 6: Taking Photographs 91
Chapter 7: Watching TV and Films 111
Chapter 8: Listening to Music 123
Chapter 9: Discovering Books and Magazines 137
Chapter 10: Games and Entertainment 153
Chapter 11: Using Your Hudl to Get Organised 167
Chapter 12: Shopping on Your Hudl 183
Chapter 13: Ten Troubleshooting Tips 193
Chapter 14: Ten Ways to Customise Your Hudl 203
Index 213


Rosemary Hattersley is a UK-based tech journalist who has written for Computeractive, PC Advisor, CNET and Macworld, among others. She is the co-author of iPad For the Older and Wiser, 3rd Edition.
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