Integrating Ecofeminism Globalization and World Religions

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November 2004



This book addresses the practical relevance of the interconnection of feminism, ecology, and religious theological thought, and asks questions about the lack of attention to gender issues in both ecological theology and deglobalization theory. The book looks at issues of globalization, interfaith ecological theology, ecofeminism, and deglobalization movements comparatively across different world religions and across geographical regions.


Chapter 1 Corporate Globalization and the Deepening of Earth's Impoverishment Chapter 2 The Greening of World Religions Chapter 3 Ecofeminist Thea/ologies and Ethics Chapter 4 Alternatives to Corporate Globalization: Is a Different World Possible?


Rosemary Radford Ruether is professor of feminist theology at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California.


Ruether offers not only an insightful summary of the sociologically, economically, and ecologically disastrous course on which the world now finds itself but also a rich survey of the emerging religious resources for reversal. The problem is global, and her understanding of religion and, especially, of ecofeminism are global and remarkably up-to-date. Her concluding chapter provides as hopeful a picture as is possible of current movements toward a different world order. The importance of gender in shaping the present crisis, and of fundamental human orientation for the redirection of the world, are so great that even those who have given little thought to religious and ecofeminist traditions in the past have every reason to read this book with care. -- John B. Cobb Jr., author of Spiritual Bankruptcy: A Prophetic Call to Action This timely volume represents a summons to broaden our approaches to religions, ecofeminism, and social change. Ruether gathers insights for a new path honouring diversity, supporting feminist efforts, and resisting corporate globalization. -- Heather Eaton, Saint Paul University Her slim volume demonstrates curiosity about, and insight into, an impressive array of theories, ethics, religious and spiritual worldviews, and resistance movements. Hers is a sweeping analysis of the theory and theology of ecofeminism, and the way and extent to which major world religions have addressed both global ecology and gender politics. -- Fiona Robinson Hypatia It's no surprise considering the author, but this book is of fundamental importance-a clear and powerful statement of where we are and where, with a lot of luck and hard work and divine intervention, we might be headed. -- Bill McKibben, Middlebury College, author of Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age The world faces three major conflicts in our times-the economic conflicts and polarization of corporate globalisation, conflicts based on 'religions' identities redefined by 'fundamentalisms' and the conflicts and violence of patriarchies. Rosemary Radford Ruether in Integrating Ecofeminism, Globalization, and World Religions has woven together issues usually addressed in isolation. She has articulated a feminist and spiritual perspective, which creates non-violent possibilities in the midst of the 'inevitabilities' of the violence of corporate rule and religious fundamentalism. -- Dr. Vandana Shiva Rosemary Radford Ruether has written cutting-edge works in subject after subject. I have commended them all. But if you strapped me down and denied me food and drink until I chose only one, I would say, 'This one! Yes, this one!' The analyses, proposals, and examples are clear, succinct and wise with years of work. And the subject-integrating ecofeminism, globalization, and greened world religions-carries the import of both surviving and thriving. -- Larry L. Rasmussen, Union Theological Seminary [Ruether's] research is comprehensive and her presentation is both convincing and compelling. This is an important work for any student or professor of theology today. Theological Studies Rosemary Ruether is the first name in feminist studies in religion and this book represents an integration of her most important themes. It's all here in one place. Great for student's budgets. -- June Watkins, University of West Florida, adopted for Women & Religion Both novices and experts will find value in this pivotal ecofeminist figure's newest work...Her book represents the mature development of ecofeminist theory and movements, and is an excellent contribution to ecofeminist and environmental theoretical praxis. Environmental Philosophy
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