Roar of the Huntids

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Januar 2002



Even fiction has changed since 911. The War Against Terrorism is the first to be waged primarily in our minds. All of us have become soldiers; we must choose either to enable terrorism or to reach for a higher truth. 'The Roar of the Huntids' is the story of people in a crisis triggered by strange insects of suspicious origin. When these creatures, called Huntids, swarm in ever-increasing numbers, America's religious leaders battle each other, threatening to take over the government. Set in 2020, the novel can be read as thriller or satire as well as a tale of spiritual awakening. As a result of the Huntids' invasion, Rachel Murphy's comfortable life as a wife and mother is changed beyond recognition. She becomes a skilled empath in spite of herself, experiencing the feelings of others as if they were her own. And when it counts most, she volunteers as a warrior in the battle over the Huntids. Author Rose Rosetree writes from her experience as one of America's leading intuitives. This is her first novel.


Rose Rosetree pioneers techniques for using deeper perception in everyday life. Media interviews have brought this award-winning teacher's work to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. In America, she's been featured in USA Today, The Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, The Catholic Standard, and Country Weekly.

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