Jndi API Tutorial and Reference: Building Directory-Enabled Java(tm) Applications

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Juni 2000



Directory services are the key applications which provide a means to locate and organize users and resources on a network. Directories are repositories (like a phone book) containing information on users such as email addresses, phone numbers, security passwords and access rights to things like printers and servers. Using Sun's Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Java developers and network professionals can build powerful and portable applications throughout the enterprise. Now, JNDI's architect and one of its lead developers team up to present the first comprehensive JNDI tutorial and reference: everything developers need to build world-class directory-enabled applications with Java. Starting from the basic foundations, the book introduces key JNDI concepts and techniques needed to write, compile, and run JNDI applications. The tutorial then moves to more sophisticated topics, walking developers through building their own service providers, accounting for security, and creating schema and attributes. There are detailed comparisons between JNDI and LDAP, as well as practical techniques for integrating with DNS, NDS, NIS+, and other directory services. The book also contains a comprehensive JNDI reference covering every element of the API.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. Tutorial. Getting Started. Lesson 1 Naming and Directory Concepts. Lesson 2 JNDI Overview. Lesson 3 Examples. Lesson 4 Common Problems (and Their Solutions. The Basics. Lesson 5 Preparations. Lesson 6 Naming Operations. Lesson 7 Directory Operations. Beyond the Basics. Lesson 8 What's in a Name? Lesson 9 Environment Properties Lesson 10 Event Notification Lesson 11 URLs Lesson 12 Federation Lesson 13 Miscellaneous Java Objects in the Directory Lesson 14 Storing Objects in the Directory Lesson 15 State Factories Lesson 16 Reading Objects from the Directory Lesson 17 Object Factories Lesson 18 Representation in the Directory Tips for LDAP Users Lesson 19 Comparison of the LDAP and JNDI Models Lesson 20 Security Lesson 21 Miscellaneous Lesson 22 Searches Lesson 23 Referrals Lesson 24 Schema Lesson 25 Controls and Extensions Lesson 26 Frequently Asked Questions Building a Service Provider Lesson 27 The Big Picture Lesson 28 The Ground Rules Lesson 29 The Essential Components Lesson 30 Adding Directory Support Lesson 31 Adding URL Support Lesson 32 Adding Federation Support Lesson 33 Miscellaneous Class Libraries Reference Package Overviews javax.naming javax.naming.event javax.naming.ldap javax.naming.spi Alphabetical Reference of Classes Attribute AttributeInUseException AttributeModificationException Attributes AuthenticationException AuthenticationNotSupportedException BasicAttribute BasicAttributes BinaryRefAddr Binding CannotProceedException CommunicationException CompositeName CompoundName ConfigurationException Context ContextNotEmptyException Control ControlFactory DirContext DirectoryManager DirObjectFactory DirStateFactory DirStateFactory.Result EventContext EventDirContext ExtendedRequest ExtendedResponse HasControls InitialContext InitialContextFactory InitialContextFactoryBuilder InitialDirContext InitialLdapContext InsufficientResourcesException InterruptedNamingException InvalidAttributeIdentifierException InvalidAttributesException InvalidAttributeValueException InvalidNameException InvalidSearchControlsException InvalidSearchFilterException LdapContext LdapReferralException LimitExceededException LinkException LinkLoopException LinkRef MalformedLinkException ModificationItem Name NameAlreadyBoundException NameClassPair NameNotFoundException NameParser NamespaceChangeListener NamingEnumeration NamingEvent NamingException NamingExceptionEvent NamingListener NamingManager NamingSecurityException NoInitialContextException NoPermissionException NoSuchAttributeException NotContextException ObjectChangeListener ObjectFactory ObjectFactoryBuilder OperationNotSupportedException PartialResultException RefAddr Reference Referenceable ReferralException Resolver ResolveResult SchemaViolationException SearchControls SearchResult ServiceUnavailableException SizeLimitExceededException StateFactory StringRefAddr TimeLimitExceededException UnsolicitedNotification UnsolicitedNotificationEvent UnsolicitedNotificationListener Appendix: LDAP Schemas Index 0201705028T04062001


Rosanna Lee is a former Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc.,where she led the design and development of the JNDI technology and theX/Open Federated Naming (XFN). She is also coauthor of the Java Class Libraries books and posters in the Java Series. Scott Seligman, a Staff Engineer with the Java Software Development group at Sun Microsystems, Inc., is a lead designer and developer of the JNDI technology. He contributed extensively to the naming and directory clients for the Solaris Operating Environment, including XFN and the Name Service Switch. Scott is the lead engineer for the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v1.4.
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