I Am Rosa Parks

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One brave act2 One day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. Her brave act helped start the civil rights movement. Rosa worked very hard to help black people win their rights. This is her story, in her own words.Each Puffin Easy-to-Read book has a color-coded reading level to make book selection easy for parents and children. Because all children are unique in their reading development, Puffin's three levels make it easy for teachers and parents to find the right book to suit each individual child's reading readiness.Level 1: Short, simple sentences full of word repetition -- plus clear visual clues to help children take the first important steps toward reading.Level 2: More words and longer sentences for children just beginning to read on their own.Level 3: Lively, fast-paced text -- perfect for children who are reading on their

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