The Ultimate FE Lecturer's Handbook

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Designed for more experienced teachers in FE who have mastered the basics and are ready to re-visit their professional skills in the classroom.


Introduction; Section 1: Teaching and Learning; The importance of gaining learner interest and sustaining it; arousal theory, motivation theory, beginnings; Using small groups in the classroom; The academic teacher; Using role play; Section 2: Working with Learners; Learner characteristics; Tutorials: working with the individual learner; Management of disruptive behaviour; Meeting the needs of individuals; teaching the gifted and talented; learner in vocational courses; Section 3: Managing the Learning Process; Structural issues in the teaching: workload juggling; missing key; sessions; sequencing; preparation for next lesson; Team-teaching; Section 4: Practical exercises.


Ros Clow is Chair of the Post-16 Committee of the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) and Senior Lecturer in Post Compulsory Education at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Trevor Dawn is Senior Lecturer in Education at Oxford Brookes University, UK.


"Ros Clow has done something quite remarkable. The senior teacher in Post compulsory education at Oxford Brookes University, has co-written a book about classroom teaching methods which, apart from being a first-class textbook, is also eminently readable. To get a good introduction to the ethos of FE you'd be well advised to read this book."
Fred Redwood, Newbury Weekly News--Sanford Lakoff
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