Who Will Care for Us?: Aging and Long-Term Care in a Multicultural America

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America is getting older. By the year 2010, almost one in five Americans will be sixty-five or older. The population of the United States is not only aging, but aging rapidly. The combined forces of low fertility and longer life spans have resulted in a disproportionate increase in the number of Americans over sixty-five and an even faster increase in the proportion of those over eighty-five.


"An important contribution to the on-going national dialogue concerning the need for planning for an increasingly aged population and its impact on our social, political, medical, economic institutions." --Wisconsin Bookwatch "Based on their assessments of the levels of need for the long-term care among African-American, Latino, and non-Latino white older persons, the authors offer viable and attractive possible alternatives to institutionalization in the long-term care of the elderly." --Nurse Practitioner "A major contribution. Should be a part of every course on social gerontology, long-term care, the demography of aging, or formal/informal support networks of the elderly." --Robert Joseph Taylor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
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