Britain's Declining Empire

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An authoritative political history of one of the world's most important empires on the road to decolonisation. Ronald Hyam offers a major reassessment of the end of empire which combines a study of British policymaking with case studies on the experience of decolonization across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. He describes the dysfunctional policies of an imperial system coping with postwar, interwar and wartime crises from 1918 to 1945 but the main emphasis is on the period after 1945 and the gradual unravelling of empire as a result of international criticism, and the growing imbalance between Britain's capabilities and its global commitments. He analyses the transfers of power from India in 1947 to Swaziland in 1968, the major crises such as Suez and assesses the role of leading figures from Churchill, Attlee and Eden to Macmillan and Wilson. This is essential reading for scholars and students of empire and decolonisation.


Preface; Introduction; 1. 'The whole world is rocking': British governments and a dysfunctional imperial system, 1918–1945; 2. 'British imperialism is dead': the Attlee government and the end of empire, 1945–1951; 3. 'Rugged and tangled difficulties': the Churchill and Eden governments and the end of Empire, 1951–1956; 4. 'The wind of change is blowing"': the Macmillan and Douglas-Home governments and the end of empire, 1957–1964; 5. 'We could no longer afford to honour our pledges': the Wilson government and the end of empire, 1964–1968; Epilogue; Select bibliography; Index.


Ronald Hyam is Emeritus Reader in British Imperial History at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow and former president of Magdalene College. He is the author of The Lion and the Springbok: Britain and South Africa since the Boer War (2003).


'No one writes with more authority and felicity on the history of the British Empire than Ronald Hyam. This book on British rule and decolonization is destined to become a classic.' Wm Roger Louis, Kerr Chair in English History and Culture, University of Texas at Austin
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