The Last Witch

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August 2009



Dornoch, in Sutherland, northern Scotland, 1727. The eccentric widow, Janet Horne boasts that she can cure beasts, call the wind and charm fish out of the sea. As her refusal to deny witchcraft incenses the local community, her crippled daughter steps dangerously into the fray.


RONA MUNRO won the Evening Standard Most Promising Playwright for Bold Girls in 1991 and the Peggy Ramsay Award for The Maiden Stone in 1995. Her best-known play, Iron (Traverse), transferred to London (Royal Court 2003). In 2006 she premiered four new plays: The Indian Boy for the RSC, Long Time Dead for Paines Plough, plus adaptations of Strawberries in January (Traverse) and Mary Barton (Royal Exchange Manchester). All are published by NHB. She lives in London.
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