Implementing Quality: A Practical Guide to Tools and Techniques: Enabling the Power of Operational Excellence

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Juni 2004



Implementing Quality provides readers with the basics of how to manage for consistently high quality and gives good coverage of both simple tools and advanced techniques which can be used in all businesses. Most books on managing quality focus on concepts and strategy rather than how to make it happen, but this text gives guidance on how to use these tools for different situations such as new start-up companies, stalled projects and the constant achievement of high quality in well-established quality regimes. Implementing Quality also covers Six Sigma, a measure of quality that strives for near perfection, in detail. This comprehensive, user-friendly and hands on book is a single source of reference of tools and techniques for all practitioners and students of operational excellence.


PART I: THE FOUNDATIONS OF QUALITY. 1. Quality and Operational Excellence. 2. History of the Quality Movement. 3. The Scope of Tools and Techniques. PART II: TOOLS. 4. Tools for Definition. 5. Tools for Measurement. 6. Tools for Analysis. 7. Tools for Improvement. 8. Tools for Control. PART III: TECHNIQUES. 9. Quantitative Techniques. 10. Qualitative Techniques. PART IV: IMPLEMENTATION. 11. Making it Happen. 12. Case Studies. Appendix 1: Management Models. Appendix 2: Random Nominal Numbers. Appendix 3: Answers to Numeric Exercises in Part II. Bibliography. Glossary. Index.
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