The Company Secretary's Desktop Guide

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This new edition has been fully updated to take account of all the latest changes to UK law and practices. It is accessible, practical and jargon-free. There are completely new sections on: substantial property transactions; indemnity and insurance; accounting standards; restoration to the register; electronic filing. And also included is new content on: web filing at Companies House; new limits for the compulsory statutory audit; new definitions for small and medium-sized companies; changes made by the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004; a new chapter explaining all the proposed changes in the Companies Law Reform.The spiralbound edition includes a free CD-ROM containing the most important Companies House forms with explanatory notes and completed examples.


1 The position of the company secretary; 2 Directors - appointment, restrictions, responsibilities; 3 The statutory registers and the company seal; 4 The accounts - content, standards, auditor's report; 5 Dividends and interest payments; 6 Share capital and shareholders; 7 The issue of shares and the reduction of share capital; 8 Debentures and loan stock; 9 The Memorandum of Association; 10 Articles of Association; 11 General meetings; 12 Board meetings; 13 Transfer and transmission of shares; 14 Receivership and administration; 15 Winding up and striking off; 16 The annual return; 17 Dealing with Companies House; 18 The Company Law Reform Bill.


Roger Mason is a highly experienced author and Company Secretary. He now acts as a consultant to a wide rangeof companies and presents seminars on company law and the duties of company secretaries and directors. His books include The credit controller's desktop guide and 501 questions and answers for company directors and company secretaries [both Thorogood].

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