Principles of Glacier Mechanics

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Februar 2005



This new edition of a successful textbook will supply advanced undergraduate and graduate students with the tools they need to understand modern glaciology. Practicing glacial geologists and glaciologists will also find the volume useful as a reference book. Relatively simple concepts are followed by more mathematically advanced chapters. Student exercises are included.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Why study glaciers?; 2. Some basic concepts; 3. Mass balance; 4. Flow and fracture of a crystalline material; 5. The velocity field in a glacier; 6. Temperature distribution in polar ice sheets; 7. The coupling between a glacier and its bed; 8. Water flow in and under glaciers: geomorphic implications; 9. Stress and deformation; 10. Stress and velocity distribution in an idealized glacier; 11. Numerical modeling; 12. Applications of stress and deformation principles to classical problems; 13. Finite strain and the origin of foliation; 14. Response of glaciers to changes in mass balance; References; Index.


Roger LeB. Hooke is Research Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences and the Climate Change Institute, University of Maine. He has been involved in glaciological research for over 30 years, focusing on processes relevant to the origin of glacial landforms. In addition to the first edition of Principles of Glacier Mechanics, he has published over 80 refereed research papers in journals such as the Geological Society of America Bulletin, Geology, the Journal of Glaciology, Quaternary Research, and the Journal of Geology.


From reviews of the first edition: '... a stimulating and educative text.' Journal of Glaciology ' ... a tour de force of the state of modern glaciology ... ' Global and Planetary Change
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