Old English: A Historical Linguistic Companion

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Dezember 1993



Old English is a companion to Old English studies and to historical studies of early English in general. Professor Roger Lass makes accessible in a linguistically up-to-date and readable form the Indo-European and Germanic background to Old English, as well as what can be reconstructed about the resulting state of Old English itself. He bridges the gap between elementary Old English grammars and the major philological grammars and recent interpretations of Old English data.


Part I. Historical Prelude: 1. Background and origins; 2. Indo-European to proto-Germanic to West Germanic; Part II. Old English Phonology: 3. Evolution of old English phonology: the major early sound changes; 4. Suprasegmentals; Part III. Morphophonemic Intermezzo: 5. Ablaut, laryngeals, and the IE root; Part IV. Morphology, Lexis and Syntax: 6. Inflectional morphology, I: Nouns, pronouns and adjectives; 7. Inflectional Morphology, II: The Verb; 8. Vocabulary and word-formation; 9. Topics in old English historical syntax: word-order and case; Part V. Historical Postlude: 10. The dissolution of old English; Glossary; References; Index.


."..a remarkably useful and informative book for those who are reaching beyond the introductory OE grammers but are somewhat daunted by the meticulous detail and stilted presentation of the standard handbooks. The information in this book is presented clearly and concisely, and contains numerous tables and figures to better illustrate important points of phonological and morphological change in OE and other Germanic languages..." WORD
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