Hugo Black: A Biography

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Januar 1997



The extraordinary story of a man who bestrode his era like a colossus, Hugo Black is the first and only comprehensive biography of the Supreme Court Justice of thirty four years, (1886-1971). Once a member of the Ku Klux Klan, Black became one of the most celebrated and important civil libertarians in the history of the United States and the chief twentieth-century proponent of the First Amendment. Newman presents us with the long odyssey of Hugo Black, capturing the man as he was-a brilliant trial lawyer, the investigating senator called by one reporter a walking encyclopedia with a Southern accent, and the wily politician and astute justice who led the redirection of American law toward the protection of the individual


Roger K. Newman, a Research Scholar at New York University School of Law, has taught Constitutional Law at New York University and was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.


aA massive work of uncommon depth and grace, written in subtle, luminous prose. This is more than just a major contribution to the history of the Court, it is a masteras finely etched portrait of an American hero.a
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