Women in Athenian Law and Life

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Though nothing remains that represents the authentic voice of Athenian women during the classical period, there is a wealth of evidence showing how men sought to define and locate women. By working through this material, from the provisions of Athenian law to the representations of tragedy mand comedy, the author builds up, in the manner of an anthropological ethnography, a coherent and integrated logoutpicture of the Athenian notion of "woman."
Through a close examination of Athenian law, Roger Just gives an account of women's place in the social structure of the "polis," their economic status, and their role within the family. He then shows the connections between these and the gender ideology of masculinity and femininity expressed in the art, literature, and philosophy of classical Athens.
This accessible and comprehensive study should appeal to those interested in social anthropology or women's studies, as well as to students of ancient history and classics.


"Just draws a clear and vivid picture of the social' which constitute the stuff of life in classical Athens.'. . . excellent [and] thoroughly readable."
-"Times Literary Supplement, March 30, 1990
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