Sun as a Star

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using mathematics appropriate for advanced undergraduate students in physics, this textbook provides a broad and wide-ranging introduction to the Sun as a star.


Symbols; Numerical values; 1. Introduction; 2. Observations of the Sun and other stars; 3. The quiet Sun and stellar evolution; 4. Magnetic fields and fluid motions; 5. The active Sun; 6. Activity in other stars; 7. Solar-terrestrial relations; 8. The origin of the solar system; 9. Concluding remarks; Appendix 1. Thermodynamic equilibrium; Appendix 2. The Zeeman effect; Appendix 3. Atomic energy levels and spectral lines: forbidden transitions; Appendix 4. Theory of solar oscillations; Appendix 5. Motion of a charged particle in uniform electric and magnetic fields; Appendix 6. Magnetohydrodynamic waves; Appendix 7. Dynamo maintenance of magnetic fields; Appendix 8. Plasma properties; Appendix 9. Motion of a charged particle in a spatially varying magnetic field; Suggestions for further reading; Index.


'The wealth of data on the Sun makes for rich pickings, and Roger Tayler has not stinted on The Sun as a Star ... The book is accurately pitched at the second and third-year university student, concentrating on those aspects of solar physics that help us to understand stars in general ... The Sun as a Star clearly originates from a university lecture course. But Tayler has steered well away from the prosaic: what remains is a good, sharp, textbook.' David Hughes, New Scientist
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