Fresh Earthworms Taste Green (the Middle Years)

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März 2008



Here is the much-requested sequel to "Fresh Earthworms Taste Green (The Early Years)," containing over 20 additional short stories of a kid growing up in America's heartland. If these tales don't generate smiles and memories about your own high school days, you need to check your vital life signs!
Although his life has taken him to many exotic places, author Roger Huff has never forgotten his roots. His homespun stories are skillfully woven with just the right blend of: nostalgia, humor, mischief, history, adventure, and Midwestern philosophy to make them both fun to read and hard to put aside. "Fresh Earthworms" definitely is not another boring autobiography!
Even if you never skidded the river, chased a runaway tombstone, or rode an elevator wearing a gorilla costume; you are likely to identify with some of these stories. And if you've never done any of them yet . get going!

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