The Phaselock Code: Through Time, Death and Reality: The Metaphysical Adventures of Man

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Oktober 2003



In this compelling mix of high adventure and intellectual quest, a renowned scientist relates his near-death experience on Mount Everest--and how it led him to a lifelong search for the nature of reality. Though no stranger to extreme climates, Dr. Roger Hart very nearly succumbed to them in a horrifying accident that sent him literally falling off the face of the mountain. His brush with death was the beginning of an intellectual and spiritual journey that would take him across the globe and through events that changed him forever--a journey that is vividly captured in The Phaselock Code.


Roger Hart is a former research professor at the College of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, and was a member of the first American expedition to Mount Everest. He has worked as an exploration geophysicist in the rain forests of Ecuador and Brazil, had a glacier named after him in Antarctica, lived and traveled in more than forty countries, and appeared on numerous radio talk shows and television programs. He has written articles for such periodicals as "National Geographic, Audubon, Sunset Magazine, " and "Oregon Coast Magazine." Hart currently lives on the Oregon coast.
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