Managing Environmental Issues: A Casebook

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November 1991



This innovative casebook was written by the originators of the successful pilot program that focused on how environmental issues weave themselves through all aspects of business.


I. CHANGING PERSPECTIVES ON THE ENVIRONMENT. 1. The Amazon Rain Forest. 2. Delta Environmental and the Advance of the Greens. 3. The Big Spill: Oil and Water Still Don't Mix. 4. Save the Turtles. II. PUBLIC POLICY, ECONOMICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. 1. The Auto Emissions Debate: The Role of Scientific Knowledge. 2. The 1990 Clean Air Act and DuPont. 3. Groundwater Contamination: A City with Problems. 4. Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. 5. The Forgotten Dumps. 6. The Politics of Recycling in Rhode Island. III. BUSINESS AND THE "NEW ENVIRONMENTALISM." 1. Oakdale: A Success Story. 2. Marine Shale Processors, Inc. 3. Polaroid's Toxic Use and Waste Reduction Program. 4. Dow Chemical: Environmental Policy and Practice. 5. ARCO Solar, Inc. 6. Ashland Oil Tank Collapse. 7. DuPont Freon Products Division.
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