The Illusion of Inclusion: The Untold Political Story of San Antonio, Texas

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Januar 2000



Offers a history of the Chicano community's struggle for inclusion in the political life of San Antonio during 1951 to 1991. This book focuses on the political and organizational activities of the Chicano middle class in the context of post-World War II municipal reform and how it led to independent political representation for the community.


Acknowledgments 1. Introduction; 2. Posing the Correct Questions Part One. The Partisan Era 3. The Shaping of a Political Agenda and Its Consequences; 4. Coalition Politics: Trench Political WarfarePart Two. A Period of Transition 5. The Changing of the Guard; 6. The Transitional Period; Faces of San Antonio through Time: PhotographsPart Three. Political Pluralism and Its Consequences 7. Style and Strategy in San Antonio Politics; 8. The Cultural Is Political; the Political Is Cultural; 9. The Question of Inclusion: A Final NoteAppendix: San Antonio Mayors and City Council Members, 1951-1999; Notes; Bibliography; Index


"Imaginative and rich political science... Rosales' analysis of middle-class Chicano activism in the early postwar era is both a new and an important contribution to our knowledge of San Antonio's and Texas' recent political history... Also, the clarity of the book's writing and structure make it a good candidate for use in intermediate undergraduate urban and/or minority politics classes." Sidney Plotkin, Professor and Chair of Political Science, Vassar College
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