Excercises in Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory

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gives repeated and varied practice in constructing and interpreting this mapping.


1. Dynamic Programming Brock-Mirman (1972) Howard Policy-Improvement Algorithm Levhari-Srinivasan (1969) Habit Persistence: 1 Habit Persistence: 2 Lucas and Prescott (1971) and Kydland and Prescott (1982) Meet a Linear Regulator Interrelated Factor Demand Two-Sector Growth Models Learning to Enjoy Spare Time Investment with Adjustment Costs Investment with Signal Extraction 2. Search Being Unemployed with Only a Chance of an Offer Two Offers per Period A Random Number of Offers per Period Cyclical Fluctuations in Number of Job Offers Choosing the Number of Offers Mortensen Externality Variable Labor Supply Wage Growth Rate and the Reservation Wage Search with a Finite Horizon Finite Horizon and Mean-Preserving Spread Pissarides' Analysis of Taxation and Variable Search Intensity Search and Nonhuman Wealth Search and Asset Accumulation 3. Asset Prices and Consumption Taxation and Stock Prices Contingent Claims Prices in a Brock-Mirman Economy Trees (Stocks) in the Utility Function Government Debt in the Utility Function Tobin's q A Generalization of Logarithmic Preferences Arbitrage Pricing Modigliani-Miller Arbitrage Pricing and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Pricing One-Period Options Pricing n-Period Options 4. Currency in the Utility Function (no exercises) 5. Cash-in-Advance Models Private Wealth Unpleasant Monetarist Arithmetic A Permanent (McCallum) Government Deficit A Useful Identity under Interest on Reserves Defining the State Vector Computing an Equilibrium Interest on Reserves and Stock Prices Incentives for "Private Currencies" Other Interest-on-Reserve Schemes Stock Prices and Inflation 6. Credit and Currency with Long-Lived Agents Value of Unbacked Currency Computing Equilibrium Interest Rates "Self-Insurance" and the Permanent Income Theory The Distribution of Currency Rate-of-Return Dominance 7. Credit and Currency with Overlapping Generations Credit Controls Inside Money and Real Bills Social Security and the Price Level Seignorage Oscillating Physical Returns Indeterminacy of Exchange Rates Asset Prices and Volatility Unpleasant Monetarist Arithmetic Grandmont Bryant-Wallace 8. Government Finance in Stochastic Overlapping-Generations Models A Version of Kareken-Wallace Exchange Rate Indeterminacy The Term Structure of State-Contingent Claims Wairas's Law: 1 Wairas's Law: 2 Constancy of Fiscal Policy Altered Version of Logarithmic Preferences Appendix. Functional Analysis for Macroeconomics Periodic Difference Equation Asset Pricing Index


Rodolfo E. Manuelli is Professor of Economics, Stanford University.
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