The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing

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August 1995



The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing is the easiest, most comprehensive alphabetized guide to American Sign Language (Ameslan) available today. Unlike other signing books, which organize by "categories", the Visual Dictionary is arranged in a straightforward easy-to-use dictionary format. Inside you'll find special features offering a fast, simple approach to the art of signing, including over 1,350 signs - arranged alphabetically with directions on how to form each sign; detailed illustrations - showing precise hand positions and exact movements; memory aids - to assist in recalling how to make each sign; sample sentences - to clarify grammatical usage; numbers - from one to one million, including monetary signs; fingerspelling - a vital tool for communicating words for which there are no signs, or for when the sign has not yet been learned; helpful hints - suggestions and tips for easier signing; and comprehensive index - including all entries and their synonyms for easy cross-referencing.

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