The Sociology of Health Promotion: Critical Analyses of Consumption, Lifestyle and Risk

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August 1995



"The Sociology of Health Promotion" offers analyses of contemporary public health policy, lifestyle, consumption, risk and health. It also examines socio-political critiques of health promotion and reflects upon their implications for policy and practice. Topics include: the institutional emergence of health promotion at both global and national levels; issues of gender and race in health promotion; accidents and the risk of society; smoking; HIV and AIDS; aging; and the body and health related consumption. A key theme of the collection is that health promotion is emblematic of wider socio-cultural changes such as the demise of institutional forms of welfare and social control, a blurring of "expert" and lay knowledge, a heightened collective perception of uncontainable risks, and a shift to a consumer rather than a producer driven economy.


Bruce Charlton, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Charlie Davison, University of Glasgow; George Davey Smith, University of Bristol; Norma Daykin, University of the West of England; Jenny Douglas, Sandwell, Birmingham; Barry Glassner, University of California, Los Angeles; Judith Green, South Bank University, London; Mike Hepworth, University of Aberdeen; Peter Jackson, University of Teesside; Michael Kelly, University of Greenwich, London; Jennie Naidoo, University of the West of England; Martin O'Brien, University of Surrey; Richard Parish, University of Hull and Humberside College of Health; Lindsay Prior, University of Ulster; Nicki Thorogood, Guy's Dental School, London; Laurenn Yen, City and East London Family and Community Health Services


"The book makes fascinating reading--not because it offers a complete discourse on health promotion from a sociological perpsective, but more because it brings together all the facts and follies, all the reational arguments and the prejudices, and all of the inconsistencies of some of the policies advanced in the name of health promotion, together with the arguments used by those who have shaped the ideological debate on the health promotion movement.... Th is book offers a sound bais on whihc to reassess thge current position of health promotion.."
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